Cagliostro Smith

Leader of the Society of Sages


Disposition: As a human supremacist, Cagliostro is perfectly approachable as long as one looks human enough. He is not above employing D-bees in his army, but values their lives less than that of purestrain humans.

Description: A man of early-middle years, Cagliostro is possessed of a certain roguish charm. He favors a blue cloak and is never in the field without his trusty T-W shotgun.


Little is known about the man who calls himself Cagliostro Smith. He sometimes speaks of growing up in the ruins of Old Detroit, and of finding a cache of occult books which he used to train his talents for magic. Whether or not these tales are true is unknown, for the truth about his past is one of Cagliostro’s most guarded secrets. He is well known as a former member of the Federation of Magic and the sorcerer even ruled his own petty kingdom until a more powerful rival defeated and exiled him. Rumors claim that this rival was a dragon or an inhuman creature, which might explain Cagliostro’s hatred of D-Bees and dislike of dragons, but the sorcerer neither confirms nor denies these allegations.

The sorcerer is particularly interested in the doings of the Cult of Dragonwright, and often sends agents to spy on or infiltrate major cult centers. He also has a couple of spies among the Federation of Magic and a contact at Tolkeen.

Cagliostro Smith

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