Chief Porter

Clan Head of the Kopar


Disposition: Chief Porter remains an open, forthright, and compassionate human being. He goes out of his way to be helpful to others, and seeks to lead by example and generosity. He approaches every situation with an open mind, and with the best of intentions. While he knows that some situations must be solved with conflict, as conflict is part of the natural order of things, he does try and seek resolution with as little violence as possible. This has led some adventurers and traders to mistake him to be soft, much to their detriment. He is a peaceful man, but not to be underestimated.

Description: Chief Porter is a young black man with the physique of someone who has lived a rugged life in the wilds. Like all Mystics born to his tribe, his is an albino. He is not handsome, but has a radiant, friendly look about him.


Porter displayed his fIrst talent at age three and progressed mightily under the tutelage of the tribal Mystics. By age 14 he was as powerful as any of his instructors, and possessed a sharp mind and an open heart. His capacity for compassion seemed to know no bounds, with a deep desire to do right in all things. He was a precocious child, and grew into quite an honest, and earnest, adult. He was the natural choice to take the place as the tribe’s spiritual leader when the elder passed on. Porter was only 17 when he took the mantle of Chief five years ago. Since then, the tribe has done exceedingly well, with several new plots of soil bearing crops in the old city park, the hunting grounds providing more game, and more traders coming in the past year than in the previous ten. Chief Porter seems to be leading his people into a new age of prosperity .

Chief Porter

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