Lyxander's Trusty Right-Hand Man


Disposition: Flamboyant, noble, and adventurous. Having seen much depravity as a child, he strikes out at suffering and injustice wherever he can. He stands tall and proud, but not domineering, and has faith in his abilities. Whenever he does something, he does it with flair and style, almost to the point of showing off. He is uncomfortable with hiding and skulking, but appreciates the necessity of biding time before making a move. He is content with gathering strength in the wilds, but spends a lot of his time scouting and monster hunting.

Description: Well cut, athletic, with dusky-colored skin, alert blue eyes, and a proud brow. His hair is cropped short, but is very straight, looking almost like plumage rising from his head. His hair, combined with his eyes, brow, and air of confidence, gives him a very predatory look. He wears a suit of light Cyber-Knight styled body armor painted a deep blue with white highlights. Strapped to his thighs in “lowslung” quick-draw holsters are two ion pistols that he wields with a distinctive sharpshooting flair.


Falcone never knew his parents. His childhood was spent as a slave to a warlord who held sway over a small territory in the southwest. His master, a vampire who went by the name of El Arzon, often boasted about how he killed Falcone’s parents, and quite enjoyed “dining on the fruit of their union.”

A traveling group of Vampire Hunters had come from the Techno- Wizard Kingdom of Arzno to challenge this El Arzon and his brood. They protected the boy one night after another one of his periodic escape attempts, and used the knowledge he had about the vampires and the layout of their lair to exterminate their undead plague on the region. One of these Vampire Hunters was a True Atlantean who explained to Falcone what the strange marks on his forearms meant, and how to use them. From then on, the boy knew that he would never have to fear a vampire again. He accompanied the group on their quest, guiding them throughout the region, flushing out vampire nests, and learning the history of his people, the Atlanteans, and how to be a noble warrior.

He was quite taken with the human Cyber-Knight in the group and became his apprentice. Eventually, after years of study, and when the Knight finally passed away, Falcone became a knight, but drifted for many decades, a wandering knight-errant until making his way to Atlantis and joining the Liberated Underground. There he found Lyxander, another displaced Atlantean, and they became fast friends and warrior-brothers. He is committed to a free Atlantis, and works well with Lyxander as the team’s second-in-command.


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