Leader of the Eleytherian Conspiracy


Disposition: Lyxander’ s dedication to liberating Atlantis borders on obsession. He believes it is his destiny. He is a powerful, decisive, and resourceful leader, but he can be so blinded by his own goals that he allows others to manipulate him by playing to them. Lyxander is generally likable, but opinionated and unflappable to the point of ignoring good advice and being closed to opposing views and ideas. Unless he learns humility soon, his ability to adapt to difficult situations and overcome great obstacles is creating a superiority complex that may lead to his downfall and the demise of all who follow him.

Description: A tall, olive-skinned man, well-muscled, with a handsome square jaw and steely eyes. He wears his golden hair shoulder length and loose, with a thick circlet of silver to keep it out of his eyes. Lyxander is fond of wearing red and gold Gladiator body armor stylized to look like that of a Spartan Hoplite, complete with a red cape. He purposefully cultivates this image of a statuesque leader to inspire the men and women under his command.


Growing up in the cosmopolitan Eternal City (built on the ruins of Bath, England), Lyxander dedicated his life to fighting for the freedom of all enslaved peoples. After a time serving with the Liberated Underground in Splynn (and barely escaping with his life), he has found a home in Dinosaur Swamp, finding it fitting that he must hide in the wilderness to gather his army to bring it back to abominable Atlantis. He likens it to a testing of his and his companions’ resolve and courage. If they can survive in this wilderness and raise an army of champions to fight at their side, then surely they will be able to topple the monsters in their ancestral homeland.

A typical Lyxander speech might be: "This fertile ground will sustain us, conceal us, test us, and shape us. Then we will be ready to harvest what we have grown here, and transplant it in the putrid soil of Atlantis to purify and retake our home. " His speeches are often full of such metaphor, but he usually backs up his talk with quantifiable action.


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