Oxrik Ptentacles

Powerful Psychic


Disposition: A calculating hedonist, Oxrik is driven by his emotions and a lust to hurt others. He is loyal to his friends, and would rather abandon them than cause them any pain or trouble. His enemies find him to be a vicious, vindictive torturer and cold-blooded killer.

Description: Thin and wiry for an Atlantean, Oxrik favors clothes and armor with gray-scale coloring. His appearance is striking, with thin eyebrows and catlike eyes. His skin is pale, almost albino, and he is possessed of an unearthly, almost angelic appearance. He often uses his looks to stun an opponent, which is all the opening that he needs to assault their mind.


Powerful doesn’t begin to explain Oxrik. He is older than the rest of Lyxander’ s force and is an experienced Mind Melter. No one knows where he came from, or exactly what clan he was born into. He was brought to Rifts Earth as a slave before winning his freedom, and doesn’t like to talk about his past. Though something of an enigma, Oxrik has proven his loyalty time and again, earning the trust of his teammates a hundred times over.

Oxrik Ptentacles

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