"The Body"

Amiable Dinosaur Hunter


Disposition: Although a friendly enough fellow, “The Body” prizes money above all else. The more one spends on his trophies, the more helpful he tends to become…

Description: “The Body” is aptly named, as he is a man of considerable size and strength. He can always be found wearing camo fatigues and his trusty bush hat. Weapons of choice tend to run towards the powerful and destructive, all the better for taking down those big lizards, brother.


“The Body” is leader of a small team of professional dinosaur hunters. They mount one or two expeditions a year, tracing an arc from the city of Char in the Carolinas, through the Piedmont, then down into the swamplands proper. They make their money by selling hides, dino-jerky, and live specimens of dinosaurs and other strange creatures they manage to capture.

"The Body"

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