Frilled Swamp Runner


Frilled Swamp Runners are so ugly that they are sometimes mistaken for small undead dinosaurs or emaciated, baby Raptors. This confusion arises from the thin, bony appearance of the body and the skeletal look of its head . Swamp Runners are small, lean, fast bipeds who thrive in the swampland . Omnivores, the little fellas as can eat just about anything and have found garbage discarded by humans and D-Bees to be a gold mine of easy pickings.

Frighteningly intelligent, they are another dinosaur-like being who can learn to speak human languages, talk in single words and short phrases and are masters of mimicry. Thus, they can be amusing by aping human gestures and mimicking the walk or habits of the local farmer or constable, or add to the overall annoyance by seeming to insult the person they just robbed by aping his behavior. In this regard, they are rather like chimpanzees, and like chimps, they have a great capacity for humor and playfulness, only they are destructive and can be dangerous when threatened or hungry.

Frilled Swamp Runners who adopt a family (one or more) may be destructive and troublesome, but they also eat rats, mice and other vermin, may accost an intruder (especially if the beasts think he’s after their food), and even attack someone who threatens “their humans.” In fact, Swamp Runners are especially protective of children under the age of 10.

In the wild, they will sneak into camps to rifle through backpacks and supplies in search of food, and sometimes steal pocket mirrors, small knives and jewelry . Other times a pack will run and hop through camp or through a line of travelers, snatching anything that looks edible right out of people’s hands and mouths.

Attributes: Agility d10, Smarts d6, Spirit d8, Strength d6, Vigor d10

Skills: Climbing d6, Fighting d8, Lockpicking d6, Notice d8+2, Stealth d12, Survival d10, Taunt d10+2, Throw d8, Tracking d8

Cha: -2, Pace: 16, Parry: 6, Toughness: 9 (2)

Edges/Hindrances: Alertness, Curious, Fleet-Footed, Scavenger, Strong Willed

Special Abilities

  • Armor +2: Frilled Swamp Runners sport tough hides and thick scales.
  • Claws/Bite: Str+d4
  • Frilled Knife Quill: Every Frilled Swamp Runner has 1d4+6 razor-sharp quills growing out of its head and back. These quills may be plucked out and used as tools or cutting implements—or thrown with deadly effectiveness! Damage Str+d6, range 2/4/8. Plucked quills regrow in a week’s time.
  • Inherently Magical Swamp Runners are creatures of magic. They have 20 points of PPE and may use any of the following powers at will: bolt (fired from the eyes); burrow; elemental manipulation (water); havoc; healing; wall walker. In addition, they can use their wall walker power to move across bodies of water as if they were solid ground.
  • Regeneration: The physiology of the Frilled Swamp Runner is remarkable in its ability to recover from damage and trauma. Swamp Runners make a Healing check once a day, and may even regrow severed fingers, toes, or tail in about a month!

Frilled Swamp Runner

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